Georgia. Sports. Cursed?

Jeff Lalaian

NOT-lanta is an enjoyable and lighthearted in-depth look at the Atlanta-area professional sports teams and the University of Georgia football team over the past forty years. It details every major heartbreak and disappointment the teams have experienced from the perspective of a rabid fan. Read Not-lanta and it will be impossible not to come to the same conclusion - Georgia sports teams are unequivocally cursed!


About the Author

Jeff Lalaian is a statistician and teacher from Monroe, Georgia. He received his Masters Degree in Mathematics Education with a concentration in statistics from the University of Georgia. Jeff has been a statistics teacher for twenty years and a lifelong fan of Atlanta's professional sports teams and the University of Georgia athletics. Like many, he has invested years in support of his teams. Not-lanta is a chronicle of every major sporting event from his community over the past forty years from his perspective. Pouring his passion for his teams and intense desire for winning into his debut novel NOT-lanta: Georgia. Sports. Cursed?, this is a must-read for sports fans everywhere.

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